The Crossings of Colonie

Two photos from Fall of 2013.  I was able to get a photo of the heron (although unfortunately only had my cheap camera phone):

Heron Crossings Park Colonie NYn Crossings Park Colonie NY

The Crossings is an awesome park in South Colonie off from Albany Shaker Road.  Visitors are greeted by a picturesque central area (above) and treated to miles of trails.  The William K. Sanford Colonie Town library is conveniently close by.  Seasonally, there is a Farmer's Market on Saturday.  During this time, the Book Nook sells used books to support the park and library.  Many great deals can be found at around $.50 for soft cover and $1.00 for hard cover.

Colonie NY Crossings Summer

Families and small children enjoy the padded play area (below)

Colonie NY Crossings Summer playground

A best kept secret is the swamp area which is in close proximity to the play area. I enjoy spotting the turtles on a sunny day (below).  Also, noteworthy wildlife spotted at or near the park includes the usual squirrels, chipmunks, woodchuck, raccoon, fox, frogs, toads, and snakes (I could do without seeing these guys) and assorted birds including a Blue Heron.  I also experience a rare sighting of a "coydog" one morning observing the coydog pass close to a domestic dog then stealthily disappear into a field of tall grass in neighboring Constantine farm.

Colonie NY Crossings Summer TurtlesColonie NY Crossings Summer

Colonie NY Crossings Summer

Colonie NY Crossings Summer Constantine FarmA real treat are cows grazing at adjacent Constantine Farm (below). I grew up on a dairy farm and knew that when a cow gives birth they tend to separate from the herd.  On this occasion, I spotted this cow away from the herd and as I neared, I was able to see that there was a newborn.  I would estimate this calf to be about 6 hours old or so.  At times, I was able to observe the mother cleaning the calf.

Colonie NY Crossings Summer Constantine Farm

Cow and Calf Constantine Farm, Colonie, NYCow at Constantine Farm, Colonie, NY

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