Thursday, September 10, 2015

Chair saga

Yeah, I’ll fess up; I do a lot of sitting.  And in my case, it tends to be in one chair; TV viewing in The Chair, work (from home) in The Chair, reading often in The Chair, iPad or laptop usually in The Chair.  The Chair is about 8 years old and has developed a chemical like stink to it – I’m blaming it on the microfiber material and right or wrong I’m not interested in buying another microfiber chair.  Yet, here I sit blogging from The (stinky) Chair…

My quest began with my old standby, Craig’s list.  As reflected by past posts, I’m a fan.  I’d much rather buy quality used than piece of junk new.  My wife isn’t so enamored; she’d prefer I stick with quality new.  Quality new is an elusive character.  I have no doubt that you can easily spend $500 or so thinking you’re buying a quality chair only to quickly lose that loving feeling a year or so down the road.  In my frame of thinking, I’d rather gamble $200 on used.  Even if the gamble doesn’t pay off you won’t feel too bad about shopping around in a year or so.  Thus, despite risking the wrath of wife, my initial focus was on finding a quality used chair.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I fired my insurance agent

...and I'm so happy I did!

No, I don't enjoy firing people as much as Donald Trump but sometimes you need to do the deed.  I had the same agent for 8 or so years.  The first hint of the relationship changing came about 3 years ago or so when the smaller independent agency that I used was gobbled up by a larger agency.  The changes weren't immediate but there was a feel that things were different.  Then about a year after the acquisition we received a scary letter from the new company.  The short of it was that our existing insurance company, Adirondack, didn't meet whatever new criteria the new company had.  I spoke with the agent who reassured us that Adirondack was still a good company but that the new company just had different criteria.  We were glad to hear this as we like Adirondack; we had experienced a claim and we thought they handled it very professionally.