Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Great Reads – 3 from Spring 2017

In general, my reads are from used book purchases – many from the Colonie (William Sanford) library or the Book Nook (Crossings Park during the summer). In selection of books, I am attracted to books that offer something a little different and these 3 exemplify this quality.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

New York free tuition – What to do if you’re at or near the income cap?

This short post is a complement to a recent post in regards to whether you should decline free tuition from New York state.  In this post, I plan to explore the situation where you would like to partake in New York’s free tuition but have some concerns because you are at or near the income cap to be eligible for the program. Please let me stress and provide the disclaimer that this tuition program is new so the thoughts presented here are based on my understanding of the very limited information that is available thus far. I assume no liability for any financial decisions you may take and encourage you to independently research, verify and consult as needed.

Should you decline free tuition from New York State?

April’s budget agreement brought something new to New York – “free” tuition for New York State residents. As could be expected, politicians were quick to take credit and pundits were quick to complain. Among the criticisms is that this provision is for tuition only (currently around $6,000 or so) and does not include books or room and board. A second criticism is the stipulation that the student work in New York after graduation for the number of years that they received free tuition – if they do not, then the free tuition is converted to a loan.