Sunday, September 28, 2014

Reasons why you should submit a self-evaluation at work

I have conceptualized this as a two part posting.  In this post, I plan to explain why it is in your best interest to submit a self-evaluation as part of your employee evaluation.  In a future post, I plan to discuss the “how to” of writing a winning self-evaluation.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Is this the best we can do?

Well, it's election season and once again I'm plagued with dismay.  Remember, the last Presidential election?  Like most, I was among the disenchanted; having enthusiastically voted for Obama in round one I was receptive to a change in round 2... but Mitt Romney?  Really?  Who's idea was that?  At times, I get to feeling that King Obama is a bit aloof and out of touch, but when it comes to assessing which of the two were more in touch with the average American I don't think they could of handed President Obama a better contrast.  So, the best I could do was vote for Obama, again.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

More under $30 cell options for light data users

In a recent posting, I disappointingly identified 3 under $30 per month cell options for light data users.  Since that time, I have continued to meander on with AT&T where I am pre-paid for the next 3 months or so, but have also continued to investigate alternatives.  I am a very light cell phone user and consume primarily data with a very occasional voice or text message.  While wi-fi is becoming more and more the standard at retail locations, it is still not a given and I value the power that access to information via a smart phone provides.  Thus, having cell service that includes data is important to me and while cheap voice and text plans are abundant, cheap voice, text and data plans are few and far between.  In this post, I am going to identify 3 more under $30 per month plans that include data for light cell phone users.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

15 Android Apps Worth Keeping

As reflected in several recent posts, I have recently "upgraded" my phone to a used (new to me) Samsung Galaxy S3.  Prior to this, I had a LG Thrive which was the first Android Go Phone offered by AT&T.  The LG Thrive was a great phone, but unfortunately the version of Android is long outdated preventing many newer apps from installing (and space was also tight which also prohibited installation of some Apps).  In this posting, I am going to identify those apps that I thought worthwhile to install on my new, used phone including favorites from my LG Thrive experience as well as new findings.