Sunday, October 27, 2013

Assessing Health Insurance Choices

It's open enrollment time for many employer sponsored health plans or better translated "pick and pray" time for healthcare in America.  And this year, Obamacare will pull in an entire new crop of victims (ur, I mean beneficiaries or is the politically correct term, "covered enrollees"?)  Welcome and good news, Affordable Healthcare Act enrollees, while this post references employee sponsored choices, you can apply this methodology in your healthcare quest as well.  This methodology considers risk and the interplay between objective and subjective.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

MTQ Easy Cooking - Squash Parmesan or Squash Lasagna

Well I warned you that this was an eclectic blog.  Maybe its the need to do penance for swearing in last week's post or perhaps the need to inject a coping mechanism for life stress.  Cooking can be relaxing and a dish like this is particularly good as a stress release as it does not require rigid adherence to a set recipe.  Feel free to experiment.

I have known this dish as Zucchini Parmesan, but perhaps "Lasagna" may be more palatable for young ears.  It is also a great cooking project if your kids enjoy learning to cook...if they help cook it, they are sometimes more likely to try it.  This dish is easy and delicious and a nice way to celebrate the harvest season.  An additional fun "something to do" is that you can incorporate a trip to a local farmer's market.  In selecting zucchini, I prefer the smaller, slender zucchini.  I find them to be tender and more flavorful and often have small or sometimes no seeds which I prefer.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Re-open the Statute of Liberty with a slur charge

Wow, I'm so relieved that the good taxpayers of New York are going to foot the bill to reopen the Statute of Liberty.  Its closure was having a huge impact everywhere in New York and for a mere $61,600 of taxpayer dollars per day, what a sweet deal.  I'm certain the tourist industry here in Albany will take off and Buffaloians are likely even more excited at the prospect of the returning droves of tourist dollars that will soon be filling their coffers.  I suppose that it should come as no surprise that the Cuomo model would follow the Obamacare model of redistributing the sweat of the middle class to the few... And I'm sure these tourists will be so grateful that they'll trade staying at nearby New Jersey and the opportunity for online gambling to support the Yankee funded home team.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Another look at Linux and 5 reasons Linux may be for you

About a year ago, I took a foray into the world of Linux, trying to breathe new life into an old Dell desktop system.  I didn't do much with it, but noted in my post the improvement in boot up speed and also the surprising ease of installation.  So it was that my "test" dual boot Windows 7 & 8 laptop died leaving me with my slow "old faithful" laptop running Windows Vista.  Some may wonder why haven't I upgraded this machine, after all Windows 7 would likely improve my boot time.  That is certainly true, but unlike my test machine, my Vista machine is where the bodies are buried - yes, I have my iTunes / CD ripped MP3s, years of tax information, some special installs along the way like the developer's software for Android and the thought of a "do over" just doesn't thrill me.  While my test laptop officially fizzled, the hard drive was still good and in this present age of identity theft, that was the one an only piece that I salvaged before selling the remainder of the laptop on Craig's List for parts.  Having found myself with an extra SATA notebook hard drive presented an opportunity... maybe I could now tweak "old faithful" without having to risk the loss of my established data within Windows Vista.