Sunday, June 30, 2013

The use of bcc - blind carbon copy

When I first heard of blind carbon copy (bcc) many years ago, I thought that "blind" was the operative word as in "blind" side.  Typically, I thought its use was to send a message to perhaps a co-worker, but then bcc the boss to show that you really were working with a screwball who you may feel isn't pulling his or her weight.  In such a case, by "bccing" the boss, your co-worker has no idea that the message you sent is also being seen (and as a result) being monitored by the boss.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

iPad2 - 2 years later

Several days ago, I read a very interesting post by Dustin Earley who expressed his sentiments regarding Nexus 7 which in his opinion went from the best to the worst tablet he has ever owned over the course of a year.  I've always had an interest in the Nexus 7.  I have an Android phone and I definitely like the more affordable price.  I enjoyed the post as far too often product reviews are conducted during the honeymoon period.  Simply stated, the product is new and shiny and the the owner is often excited and pumped up so it is likely that you are getting a biased "new love" review without the benefit of time.  What is important to me isn't whether it works good for a month; I want to feel as though I will get my money's worth a year or several years out.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Solving Problems - MTQ Solutions for the Armed Forces

This post will contain controversial proposals to difficult social issues.  It will certainly offend some readers and a jump break has been placed at this point to assist readers with avoiding contact with perspectives that they may not wish to read.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Friday, June 7, 2013

More Yachting with G

Sooner or later, every blogger will experience a post that widely surprises expectations in terms of popularity.  So it is with my first posting of Yachting with G which has turned into one of my most popular posts.  I still do not understand why, but I'll take it.  

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Amazon Associates: Pass on Flash

A while back, I enthusiastically referenced my adoption of Amazon Associates advertisements within my blog.  Indeed, I still like the idea of selecting what will be advertised within the space of my blog.  Contextual advertising such as Google's Adsense is quick and easy to implement, but a blog such as MyTurnQuips which has a very eclectic approach to subject matter is definitely a challenge to the logic used to choose the ads and frankly sometimes it just gets it wrong.  For example, I was a bit horrified to take a peak at my post regarding Long Term Care insurance in which I clearly expressed that this insurance is not for me only to find an advertisement for Long Term Care insurance... hmm, I've stated that commercial motivation is not my major reason for blogging, but I'd prefer not to look foolish.