Sunday, May 25, 2014

E-mail etiquette

I like email; don't text me, don't IM me, don't tweet me, don't write on my Facebook wall and don't call me... send me an email.  I like email because it's quick and you are not restricted in size like text message and it is not intrusive like the nagging ringing of a telephone.  Fortunately for me, much of my job is dependent on email (and perhaps it is no accident that I work the type of job that I do).  In a prior post, I discussed the appropriate use of the blind carbon copy (bcc).  In this post I am going to share thoughts and tips in regards to communication by email.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cleaning house with Craigslist, iPad and the Daily Craigslist App

It was a hard winter that seemed to last forever here in upstate New York.  Every winter, I have more than one, “why am I still in New York” moment and this winter I had many.  Unfortunately, I have not been successful in convincing the family members to move to a sunnier location, but the good news is that the resistance is getting less and such a move remains my goal.  We had moved to our new home about 6 years ago or so.  It was a local move and we were one of those fools who bought our new home before selling the old home so we had the luxury of taking several trips and the move was relatively easy.  Regardless, after living in our former house for nearly 20 years, there were many occasions where I spotted something and said to myself, “I don't want to move that again”.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

MTQ Travel tips and lessons learned

I recently returned from a terrific family road trip.  Most of our planning worked out well, but as with any trip we encountered some unavoidable bumps and lessons learned.  In this post I am going to identify what worked well as well as those areas where we might do something different the next time.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Man Bag Essentials

Ok, I admit it; I have a man purse.  I know it’s unmanly to call it a purse so it is commonly referred to as “the man bag”.  When it comes to purse carrying liberation, us men haven't quite leaned in enough to know that we need a purse.  All guys know that bulging pockets aren't cool and you just can't fit everything you need in that tiny wallet.  My man bag started off as a cheap sort of brief case for work, but has quickly moved beyond just work and has now become an essential companion for day trips and travel.  The reason for this is that I can rely on it to contain my most common daily staples and it also provides a container for as needed items as well.  In this post, I am going to review some of the treasures contained in my man bag.  Some will sound obvious and some not so obvious.