Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tax Reflections 2016

1.  Encryption, Encryption, Encryption – Tax time is prime time for scam artists to steal your personal information.  Many tax payers will find that their tax information will be online.  There is a temptation to get it, save it and then email it to yourself or your trusted tax preparer… don’t do it until you have encrypted it!  Typically these documents are PDF (file extension) documents).  The most popular PDF application, Adobe Reader does not have the capacity to encrypt these documents.  In the first of what has become an annual tradition for MTQ, I recommended (and continue to recommend), PDF-XChange Viewer which is a free application that is easy to use and provides the ability to encrypt your PDF documents.  Many are now doing some or all tax preparation on an iPad or tablet.  I use FoxIt MobilePDF on my iPad to encrypt PDF documents that include personal information that I pull onto my iPad.