Saturday, November 28, 2015

Rape, Murder and Mayhem

This past week, I was walking through Crossings Park and encountered a friend-walker and her small dog, Heidi.  Since the passing of Mick the Wonder Dog, I relish these encounters to socialize with dog and dog owner.  On this occasion my friend expressed having a rough start to her day and in the mix of the conversation she expressed a note of distress regarding the savagery of the latest terrorist incident.  This lead to my expression to her that what I find most disturbing is the inability to block (or at least filter) unwanted news.  It seems like much like the weather, “news” is pushed on you whether you want it or not.  I noticed in the most recent iOS for the iPad / iPhone, news feeds are being pushed as the default.  It also seems that network stations will cut into scheduled programming more often than in the past.  I recall a recent episode of “Storm Tracker Weather” that went on for about an hour or so which was neither needed nor welcome – I could easily look from my window to see that a storm was in progress and if folks are able to watch TV chances are they are sheltered from the storm… so could you please return us to Jeopardy?

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Consumer Driven Health Plan?

Imagine going grocery shopping where the price of none of the items was marked and you went to the check out counter and they scan all your items but still don't identify the prices and then a week or two later you get a bill showing what you spent for each item.  Of course these being consumable goods you have likely eaten them by the time the bill arrives so when you find out that the bag of chips that you thought would cost about $2.00 actually was priced at $35.00 you have little recourse as those chips are long gone.  A family member recently had some sinus issues and went to a physician where she was prescribed 3 medications.  The local pharmacy happily filled these prescriptions and in addition to the myriad amount of drug related information the receipt joyfully reflected "You Owe:  $0.00".  Well that sounds good... until you get the full story...