Sunday, April 19, 2015

Craig’s list rental scam

I mentioned in a recent post that my daughter is graduating and (even better) has a job lined up in Rutland, Vermont.  With graduation just around the corner she needed to secure housing to begin her career and it was during this housing hunt that we stumbled on an example of a rental scam that, unfortunately, arises on Craig’s list.  My wife and daughter spotted a small house being advertised for rent.  The background story was that the alleged owner had tried to sell it but ran out of time and was transferred to California.  The advertised price was very attractive – not a “give away,” but lower than market.  This was somewhat explained by the alleged owner who related that they wanted to find the “right person” – at times referring to wanting a “god fearing person” and a “clean freak” who would take care of their property.  The alleged owner followed up with a number of pictures and a simple rental application which was a series of questions.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

I’m confused, you’re confused, we’re all confused

I've rather enjoyed the banter and great ado being expressed regarding Indiana’s recently passed religious freedom law.  As is customary, the yellow media has once again been quick to give great coverage to the protests, but little has been shared in regards to the facts.  In this post, I’m going to explore some of my thoughts and questions in regards to religious and sexual freedom.

There is an allegation that the law will lead to discrimination against gays…maybe so and maybe not… If this is the case, my first question is how would these businesses be able to determine sexual preference?   Are gay-dar detectors available that can be purchased and installed at the entry ways so that lights and alarms will sound?  Or are scantily clad mannequins of each gender installed and if someone appears aroused by the wrong mannequin they are asked to leave?  I suppose if a couple broke out in a full scale sex show in the store that would be a giveaway, but I’d venture to guess that this would be objectionable whether it be hetero or homo.