Saturday, October 25, 2014

From Go Phone to T-Mobile No Phone

Good News – my divorce from AT&T was finalized upon receipt of a refund check from AT&T and it was time to make some decisions regarding my cell service.  I have been actively researching my options and much is reported in my 2 earlier posts relating to under $30 per month services for light data and cell phone users.  When it came my time to decide, I found myself looking at my 4 leading options:

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Plus One

It’s closing in on open enrollment season for health insurance.  In the near future my employer will be offering a new option – plans for “self plus one.”  Self plus one is great for couples with no dependents or single parents with one child.  However, as with any policy change there is not only winners, but also losers.  For example, when the Affordable Health Care act raised the age for dependents on a family policy to 25, many young adults benefited; however, someone has to pay for the “extra” cost associated with this change and that would be the policy holders of the family plans.  Unfortunately, more bad news for family policy holders as adding a “self plus one” option is likely to raise family health insurance once again.  The reason for this expectation is mathematically simple – on the average it is likely to cost less to pay for the health care costs of 2 people than it would be to cover the health care costs of a family of say 19 such as the Duggars (or for that a family of 3 or a family of 5 and so forth).  Thus, when these units of 2 are removed from the pool of insured families, the remaining higher costing units must be divided amongst fewer policies.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

How to prepare a professional self-evaluation

Hopefully my initial post relating to “why” has convinced you of the importance of submitting a solid self-evaluation.  In this follow up post, I’m going to focus on how to create a self-evaluation and will start with the basic steps that I use to prepare my self-evaluation.