Sunday, April 28, 2013

Google Blogger Recommended Settings and Best Practices

Happy One Year Anniversary,!

For this post, I thought it might be worthwhile to identify and discuss some of the setting choices that I have gravitated to within Google Blogger.  These are choices that were not entirely apparent to me when I first established my blog.  This post may be of interest to folks who are considering a blog or who are using Blogger and are looking to find ways to improve their blog.  While these pointers are targeted to Google Blogger, the concepts may also apply to other blogging hosts such as Word Press.  I have noted in (parentheses) the tab on the left vertical Blogger Administration menu the corresponds to the topic discussed.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

More adventures in buying a used car through Craigslist

In a recent post, I exposed a common scam on Craigslist where the fictitious seller places an ad and attempts to lure an unsuspecting customer into sending money under the promise that the car will be shipped and if there is any problem the customer can obtain a refund through PayPal, Google, Western Union or some other intermediary.  I am saddened to report that our search continues for a reliable and affordable auto for our daughter who will need transportation when she takes on a summer internship with GE.  For better or for worse, I'm trying to behave myself this time and work in partnership with my spouse in this endeavor.  It has not been easy.  While we have not settled on a car, it will not stop me from rambling on about some lessons learned in the process, some of which may be of benefit to buyers and sellers of used cars.

1.  A reality check can be a good thing. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Voice Recognition and big fingers on the iPad 2

In a recent post, I voiced the biggest drawback to the iPad (particularly the pre-Siri versions) and early iPhones is the difficulty of data entry using the touch keyboard.  Unlike typing of old or even current computers, there is not a physical keyboard where one can feel the home row keys and quickly type text for their purpose.  I first started using voice recognition to offset this data entry challenge on my Android smart phone where voice recognition was built into most apps very early on.  Thereafter, I migrated somewhat to an iPad 2 and greatly missed (and still miss) the voice recognition features of the Android.  But, alas, all is not lost as there are some great apps that implement voice recognition on older versions of the iPad.  Three notable apps that I highly recommend and preview in this post are Dragon (Dictation), Google (Search) and Chrome (Browser) and are pictured below.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Why Craigslist app for iPad

Several posts back, I compared a Windows 8 Craigslist app to using the generic Craigslist site and concluded that the Windows 8 app is just too clunky.  For today's post, I thought it may be worthwhile to expand this comparison to demonstrate the Craigslist app that I frequently use on my iPad and discuss the user experience for a better understanding of why this app is frequently used while the generic Craigslist site is sometimes used and the Windows 8 Craigslist app is seldom used.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Craigslist: Illustration of a scam

I'm happy to relate that my oldest daughter who is majoring in Engineering has accepted a summer internship with GE Aviation.  This will be a great opportunity for her and will certainly help towards the cost of her education (donations accepted).  It is likely that she will need a car for this experience and as such, we have started checking Craigslist.  As low cost reliable cars are always in demand, it is important to check frequently.  Recent postings are a ripe environment for scammers as sufficient time has not elapsed for Craigslist users to flag suspicious ads.  It was under these conditions that I received the response provided at the bottom of this post which I, undoubtedly, believe to be a scam.

So why am I convinced that this response is a scam?