MTQ Shit List

Driver's who block intersections  If you can't clear the intersection, don't enter it!  Drivers around Albany fail to understand that when they enter an intersection where they cannot clear the intersection that they are not only being rude, they are also breaking the law.  As for the horn honker trying to get me to enter the intersection, please consider your name added to this list, too.  Here is the citation:
When vehicular traffic is stopped on the opposite side of an intersection, no person shall drive a vehicle into such intersection, except when making a turn unless there is adequate space on the opposite side of the intersection to accommodate the vehicle he is driving notwithstanding the indication of a traffic control signal which would permit him to proceed.
Macy's  If you are one of the many individuals who have received the joyous news that your personal information has been compromised, please be aware that after you place a credit alert on your record, Macy’s will treat you as though you have substandard credit. Yes, this is what has happened to me – I applied for Macy’s credit and to date no one from Macy’s is able to provide specifics. I received one of those form letters saying that it was denied because they were not able to confirm my identity. Yes, I realize that with a fraud alert on my account, they are to ask for your ID; however, I was in their store with my driver’s ID when I applied. I also tried to resolve through their 1-800-DIS-SERVICEnumber to no avail. Two plus weeks after the sale and expressing my concern on their website, they contact me and transfer me to their credit department. After two songs on hold, I was done – their sale is over with and so am I. And please stop all of those stinky mail inserts (and I'll try not to fart in your store).

Maytag - Specifically, their dishwasher model #M084709AW51.  This dishwasher has been used about 15 times in the 2 years we've owned it.  It has successfully completed the full cycle (taking forever) about half the time, the other times jamming up with the "Clean" light flashing 7 times and requiring being reset.  Warranty work was done and they replaced the control panel.  It still does not work reliably.  We were told it is because the sensor doesn't sense that the temperature of the water coming in is the correct temperature.  Frankly, I don't care and don't want to hear excuses... the ugly dishwasher that we replaced never had a problem.  We have typical / normal household water supply