Thursday, October 6, 2016

iOS 10 Mail app missing navigation arrows

This will be a very brief post to reflect my discovery that in iOS 10 the navigation arrows appear to be missing on the iPad.

Here is a screenshot from iOS 9 (notice the up / down arrows that allow navigation from one message to the next:

Here is a screenshot from iOS 10 (notice the two navigation arrows are missing at the top of the message)

In doing a web search I only saw one brief mention of this issue:

It's not clear whether this is a bug in iOS 10 or if it was removed by design. I am hopeful of the former as I really miss this ability to quickly move to from one message to another and am hoping that this will be rectified in a late iOS 10 update.

...and while I'm at it, Apple, if you bring back my arrows, can you also add an "undo" button to the mail app so that when folks like me accidentally delete a message we don't have to hunt for that would be an improvement. Thanks!

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