Saturday, April 2, 2016

In Defense of Trump?

This wouldn’t be the first time that MTQ came to the side of an unsavory character; like the Duggars, I’m not a fan and would object to being labeled a Trump supporter by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact at this point, I’d estimate my chances of voting for Trump as being less than the probability that the Donald recently expressed in regards to using a nuke on Europe – neither are likely to happen.  Aside from my personal distaste, I am enjoying watching the appalled yellow media clamoring for his attention; it’s apparent that the mainstream media can barely tolerate him, but they love the ratings he brings.  This week has been particularly hard on the Donald on two fronts.

On one front, the Donald drew flak for standing by his campaign manager after the campaign manager was charged with assault.  I’m not about to get into a he said; she said on this one; there’s plenty of pictures available for everyone to draw their own conclusion.  What appeared to me from the numerous airings of video was that the alleged victim (reporter) approached the Donald and was physically pulled away by the campaign manager.  Based on the jostling that often goes on during media events, this appeared pretty minor to me. Was this an assault?  Who knows – that’s for the court to decide.  What I found refreshing is that Trump, unlike other politicians who are quick to cut and run, did not rush to judgement and did not abandon a friend when he experienced turbulence.  Other politicians should take note; loyalty counts.

On the second more explosive front, Trump remarked that he supported a law against abortion and if a woman had an abortion they should be punished.  To my chagrin, he later backtracked to amend his comment to reflect that the doctor should be punished not the woman.  For the record (and before my liberal and conservative friends get too hyper), I support the abortion option; I think this gut rending decision needs to be made by those close to the situation and it is not for me to judge them.  One would think that given my perspective on abortion that I’d be outraged by Trump’s remarks; one would be wrong.  Instead I’m left more confused than ever by those “pro-life” (anti-abortion) supporters who were loudly critical of Mr. Trump.  Logically, I don’t understand how these people can criticize what he said – the “pro-life” are against abortion and want a law to ban abortion but they become incensed when someone acknowledges punishing / holding people accountable who engage in the banned activity that they propose.  My logical mind says you can’t have it both ways – either you have a law and enforce the law against all who violate it or you don't have a law.  It seems to me that if people are too squeamish to enforce such a law maybe the law isn’t such a good idea.  Perhaps it would be more productive as a “pro-life” agenda to discourage abortion by emphasizing other options (and leaving the abortion option as a legal choice) if they are not willing to enforce a ban by punishing those who violate such a ban.

The abortion issue may prove to be Trump’s Achilles heel.  Truth be told, I suspect Trump is probably OK with the abortion laws as they are – it’s too bad he didn’t say that from the start; it would have been a refreshing break from the same old GOP line.  I heard one commentator remark that most politicians have the good sense to stay away from this topic.  The refreshing thing about Trump has been that he has not behaved as a politician.  Throughout the GOP debates many of Trump’s opponents accused Trump of not being a “true” Republican.  As an ex-Republican who feels that the Republican Party has far too long been hijacked by the crazy far right and Evangelicals, I find this accusation appealing.  Many of us believe in conservative fiscal responsibility but would like to see this intertwined with more inclusive social policy. The GOP is in dire need of a makeover, if Trump be the devil catalyst then so be it.

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