Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Lunatic Fringe

After the first round of debates, the clear question for both parties is, “Where are the moderates?”  The Donald would be heralded by some as the poster boy for lunacy… and he’s the front runner.  To quote Michael Moore, “Dude Where’s My Country?”  For many years I worked with the mentally ill and I very much enjoyed their company.  They often saw the world in a different way and even the most disturbed schizophrenics would sometimes stumble on things that somewhat would make sense.  So it is with the Donald – when he makes comments such as “we don’t like ISIS and Syria & Russia don’t like ISIS so let them go at it”, it makes good sense to me.  Let me be clear, I’m not a fan of the Donald and I have a hard time imagining a situation where I would vote for him, but let’s give the devil his due.  Sometimes this politically correct diplomacy makes zero sense… it’s our place to tell Russia which countries to stay out of while we (the U.S.) seem to have to have a presence everywhere?  It’s not wise to throw stones at a glass house after you’ve accidentally bombed a hospital…

If his last name wasn’t, “Bush,” Jeb (the potential moderate) might be better known as “Jeb Who”… that is about the level of attention that a potential moderate is generating in this election.  Too bad for Jeb – his name is an asset and a liability.  Dad Senior was a respectable man who performed a respectable job for the country; Dad Senior followed principle over politics and to his chagrin he asked the populace to “read his lips”.  They did; he didn’t, enough said.  George (2 wars) Junior was a disaster – unfortunately, he is the one who got reelected and the one that most of us remember as we huddled wondering whether the economy was going to collapse and send the country into a depression.  It’s tough to embrace dad and distance bro… sometimes family can be such a bi-atch.  As far as Ted Cruz 2016 – well, let’s just say we had enough from hiring one village idiot from Texas for 8 years.

I’m glad the Dems finally had a debate.  Who knew there were more choices than just Hillary, Bernie and (maybe) Joe.  Well after the debate, we now know why we didn’t know of the other options and probably, for the most part, wish we never heard of them.  As noted with Jeb, Hillary carries some family baggage.   Unlike Jeb, she appears to be more successful in distancing herself from the family follies.  I don’t know why she has tried so hard to do this.  Think quick – what is Bill most known for?  Illicit sex, of course.  Well there she is in Sin City, debating… I say embrace your inner deviant – in this election out is in.

Before I forget, a quick shout out to say thank you to Bernie for saying exactly how many of us feel… yes, we truly are tired of hearing about Hillary’s email.  In watching this debate I started having flashbacks to social work school.  Social workers by and large are well meaning people, but as a whole they tend not to be business people.  Why else would they willingly work so hard for so little?  The social workers I remember from naivety school were ready to support every benefit imaginable and if there were a whisper of a problem then that called for more services.  It seems the Democratic candidates this year must be graduates of the same school.  Sure let’s give everyone a free college education, Medicare for everyone and paid family leave.  Free college sounds great and assumedly, Bernie knows how to pay for it.  I’m just wondering though how we will explain to recent graduates that they have a $20,000 or so student loan, but don’t worry we fixed the problem.  My second point of concern is that the freebie colleges are supposed to be the public schools.  While they may not like to hear it, there is already a perception that the quality of our public schools is not as good as our private schools.  Based on my experience with both, I would say there is some truth to it.  Bernie accurately describes the disparity between the extreme rich and us “others.”  Would free public colleges tend to widen this gap whereby the rich go to the “good” colleges and us others go to the (not so good) free colleges?

As was the case with Trump and his ISIS solution, Medicare for all is one lunacy that I embrace.   Much as I distrust government and don’t believe it is the most efficient organization ever invented, the health of the citizenry would seem a responsibility that good government should not shirk.  If we are going to impose a “tax penalty” to the uninsured, then this “tax penalty” pool should form the foundation of funding basic health insurance for the uninsured.  One of the biggest problems with the Affordable Health Care Act (beyond it not being affordable as the name would suggest) is its complexity.  Simply stated, it is beyond the comprehension of many.  I am proposing no uninsured because either you pick your own insurance (through employment or Obama Care or other) OR you pay a premium tax (tax penalty, surcharge, whatever you wish to call it) and receive basic government run insurance.  Perhaps this could be Medicare Lite?

Ok candidates, I hope you were listening – now you know the magic sauce… if you’re for letting Russia deal with ISIS and Medicare Lite, I’m your vote!

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