Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cruise 2015 on Renssellaer Lake (Six Mile Waterworks)

I've been a bit stressed and cranky as of late and instead of writing a tempting social commentary quip on any one of many sources of irritation, I've elected to offer a brief quip to share a few photos and thoughts from my recent yachting cruise to the great (ok local) Renssellaer Lake (also known as Six Mile Waterworks).  As I've noted in my prior posts, my "yachting" is done on a budget - using an affordable inflatable boat purchased from a Dick's Sporting Goods sale, a hand air pump from Big Lots, a life preserver from a lawn sale and an affordable kayak paddle from the Sports Authority.  This is married with my usual cheap sunglasses, my flap hat, swimsuit, flip-flops, bottle of water and spare quart jug.  Yes, with imagination and the Barney bag, you too, can afford a fabulous cruise.  For those who are less adventurous, I would recommend going to the Colonie Mall and booking an excursion with LL Bean as has been suggested in my prior posts.  This is a great way to sample the lake and not have to haul a lot of equipment.  If you find that you really enjoy it, go a second time and if still enthused then consider purchasing some equipment.

One of best things about Renssellaer Lake is its central location, sitting off busy Fuller Road, near the Washington Avenue extension.  I can reach the lake in less than 10 minutes so it makes for a great afternoon activity.   The main portion of the lake is near the parking area and there are two remote strips than can be reached by traveling a narrow channel under the Northway (I-87).  I enjoy passing under these major intersections and relish the feeling of watching the hurried traffic speed by while I'm chillin' on on the lake.

On most visits you will see an abundance of turtles sunning on logs... I like to sun myself as well.  It is also nice to visit the lake during different seasons.  For instance, during the fall to see the changing colors and fallen leaves that cover the surface of the lake.

On this visit, I traveled down both strips of the back section of the lake.  As may be expected, these strips get less traffic and thus your chances of seeing less typical wildlife is greater.  (Your chances are also improved if you visit the lake when it is less busy such as during a weekday).  On this trip, I was rewarded with sighting an extremely large turtle resting on a large fallen log.