Sunday, September 7, 2014

15 Android Apps Worth Keeping

As reflected in several recent posts, I have recently "upgraded" my phone to a used (new to me) Samsung Galaxy S3.  Prior to this, I had a LG Thrive which was the first Android Go Phone offered by AT&T.  The LG Thrive was a great phone, but unfortunately the version of Android is long outdated preventing many newer apps from installing (and space was also tight which also prohibited installation of some Apps).  In this posting, I am going to identify those apps that I thought worthwhile to install on my new, used phone including favorites from my LG Thrive experience as well as new findings.

1.  Amazon Appstore:  While I install most of my free apps from Google Play, I occasionally enjoy dabbling in Amazon's app of the day which provides some exposure to a wider array of apps for free.

2.  ES Task Manager and ES File Manager:  These utility apps are great for getting better control of your device and the stuff you store on your phone.  The Task Manager app is very helpful in managing your battery and can identify running apps and an easy way to stop them.

3.  ColorNote:  I love the simplicity and frequently use the checklist in this app to create a grocery list from the Sunday sale ad.  The checklist is also a great tool to create a packing list when you have an upcoming trip.

4.  Dolphin Mini Browser:  I love the speed dial of this app as well as the reliable simplicity.  Additionally, this app helps to moderate data consumption which is important for many of us who purchase only a small monthly allotment.

5.  StopWatch & Timer+ by Jupiter Apps:  I love the simplicity of this app and have found it handy when needing a simple timer.

6.  YeahDawg:  Corny?  Yeah, but I love it. Everyone needs a "just for fun app".

7.  Garage Sales, Everywhere:  Yes, you need to be able to find those garage sales.

8.  cPro Craigslist Free Client:  No Android device is complete without a Craigslist app!

9.  Audobon Birds Pro:  This was an Amazon free app of the day and was too large for my Thrive.  I'm having fun with it now, though.

10.  Android Device Manager:  I was having trouble trying to install SeekDroid and am so happy I found this by Google instead.  Installation was easy and no need to set up another account.  This is a very important app to have to provide some peace of mind should your Android phone be lost or stolen.

11.  MapFactor: GPS Navigation:  This was a new find.  You can save maps to your device and use your phone's GPS without using any data!  It's not perfect and not as sophisticated as a GPS or Google Maps, but covers many of my needs... for free!

12.  Power Toggles:  This is also a new find.  I was looking for an easy way to turn off data and this app makes it easy.  In addition to a toggle to turn on/off data, there are many other toggles that can be configured to be easily available in the notification area.  I added toggles for Flashlight and to keep the screen on so that I could drain and condition a new battery.

13.  Foxit PDF:  Every Android (and iPad) device needs a good PDF application.  Foxit is my favorite.  Simple, easy to use and reliable; it's a winner.

14.  Personal Finance:  Easy and quick stock nice to see my AAPL stock coming back.

15.  Cartwheel:  I love the Target red card and this app offers another opportunity to save at Target.  This app was the catalyst for my phone upgrade when it failed to install on my LG Thrive (plus with my age related near vision declining, it was nice to upgrade to a larger screen).