Sunday, February 16, 2014

Microsoft Office Picture Manager for Free

I have grown accustomed to using Microsoft Office Picture Manager as part of the Office Suite at both work and at home.  I find it's simplicity the most compelling reason as this application provides a quick and easy way to shrink the size of photos for this blog.

I was disappointed to see this application removed from Office 2013... also there may be circumstances such as testing out a new SSD drive in which you don't want to install a full copy of Office.  There is a simple solution to this dilemma... install SharePoint Designer 2007 (available free) and Microsoft Office Picture Manager will come along for the ride!  Here are the easy steps:

1.  Download SharePoint 2007 Designer.  (This will be a large .exe file)  Currently this is at

2.  Run the exe file.  When you get to the "Install Now or Customize" screen, click the "Customize" button unless you want to install the SharePoint Designer program.  I will remark that SharePoint Designer 2007 is also an awesome program and is worthwhile if you want to dabble with web design and HTML.  If you don't want to install SharePoint Designer, click the  drop down and select "Not Available" for "Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer".

3.  Simply continue with the install.

Viola - Microsoft Picture Manager is now installed on your computer!  

I just did a quick install using this strategy to install Picture Manager on my testing of my new Solid State Drive install, then set Picture Manager to be my default for all .jpg.  Then I opened a batch of new pictures, selected them all and compressed them all for the web so they are ready for posting to my blog.  Quick and easy!