Sunday, January 12, 2014

The best dog poop bag

Here at MyTurnQuips, I pride myself at interjecting original content.  Where else would one be able to learn Dog Pee Etiquette?  Alas, it should be no surprise that a dog poo topic would soon follow.  A recent trip to the nearby Subway to participate in the "JanuAny" $5.00 foot long special is the inspiration for this post.  On this occasion, I thought it would be nice to celebrate a lunch out with my daughter before her trek back to college and there it was... inspiration sitting right on the table - the Subway sub bag, a near perfect dog poop pick up bag... yes, my daughter was less than delighted with this lunchtime news.  

Perhaps this could be used for one of those New York Lottery commercials... what would you think about if you didn't have to think about money... hmmm, round pizza boxes, ripping the last page from your mystery novel to make it better or designing the perfect dog poop pick up bag?  I think we have a winner, so here goes - these are my qualities for a winning dog poop pick up bag:

Free:  This might go without saying, but with all the bags in circulation I don't think you should have to buy special dog poop bags.  In the former park where I used to walk, they provided pick up bags, now I bring my own which has resulted in some expertise in this area.

Trustworthy & pliable:  The last thing I want when bending over to pick up a fresh turd from Mick the Wonder Dog is dog dew on my fingers.  Hannaford is a great local supermarket, but their bags are not so good.. I always need to use caution when picking up dog dew with a Hannaford bag.

Thin thickness:  I like the bags to squish up nice and small in my pocket... I don't need any more unsightly bulges; I have enough of bulge with my stomach and layers of winter tundra gear (and don't want extra bulges in my shorts during the summer either... is that a dog bag in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?) 

Not too small; not too big:  I've used Thomas' English Muffin bags, but they aren't the best.  They are just too narrow for my hand to easily maneuver which increases the risk of the turd being smooshed against the side of the bag and then maybe poo to hand contact...yuck, no good.  Ditto for bagel bags... they're just too narrow.  On the other hand, bags from Target or Walmart allow for easy maneuvering of the hand, extracting gracefully after turd pick up...but these type of bags come at the cost of size and can contribute to dog poo bag pocket bulge syndrome.

So what bags are premium dog poo pick up bags?  Well of course, the Subway bag is great - as it fits 2 or so subs, it also fits my hand comfortably and the 12 plus inches of length provides a good degree of safety to ensure sanitary capture of the turd.  It is also thin, pliable and trustworthy.  Another great choice are those bags from the Fruit & Vegetable section of the grocery store.  They are perfect size, pliable and fit nicely in your pocket without excessive bulging.  Another good option are those small size bags that you get at a drugstore like Walgreen, Rite Aid or CVS.  They tend to be small, a little thicker and less pliable than the Veggie bags, but still seem to fit reasonable well in your pocket.

I am confident that once I share this posting, everyone will get on board and I can expect to see no more errant dog owners in the park. 

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