Sunday, November 3, 2013

If I could only own 10 albums

I (mostly) missed the 8 track generation, but I did collect some vinyl 33s and then purchased some cassettes along the way to play in the car.  I realize that you can purchase singles for only a buck, but I like having the hard CD which gives me the peace of mind that I can easily burn a MP3 copy when I need to rather than being at the mercy of an online store to decide whether I can get a copy of my tunes to my newest device or not.  Also, there remains a degree of old fart syndrome in my music habits.  It used to be that albums represented a theme or collection of tunes and while singles mattered, the larger album counted as well and I still tend to shop based on "album" versus "single". Although I've long since sold the vinyl 33s and the cassettes have largely been trashed, I have accumulated a huge collection of CDs.  When I look at the numerous boxes of CDs, I wonder if I had to limit my collection to only 10 which 10 would it be.  In this post, I am going to force myself to identify the 10 must have albums for 50 somethings like me.

Paul undoubtedly brought much charm to the group, but John is still my favorite and I tend to agree with Yoko's "spoon in June" comment. This album is by far my favorite as it includes a sufficient dose of the Beatles' charm (Paul) with a moderate dose of edginess (John).
While Beatles represent my pre-Army enlistment taste; the Stones definitely reflect my Army and post-Army taste.
A few weeks back I was in a grocery store and was surprised to hear the Doors' LA Woman pumping over the audio, I guess in time, any song can be main stream. Who knows, maybe in another 30 years we'll be hearing Cee Lo's original version of "Forget You" while cruising the potato chip aisle.
Another essential Jim from the past.
Every old fart collection needs a Floyd fix.
This is essential mood music for the car.
What resonates with Nirvana's music is the passion and grit of Kurt Cobain. This Unplugged gem removes a bit of the amped up sound to deliver a richer bouquet of this earthy passion.
Music from simpler times and campfire songs, before we were concerned with terrorists.
Yes, that's right... a Cher album. Cher has always been underestimated, but wow - what a voice and she did a decent acting job as well.
Yes, I really loved rock operas and wish this genre would re-emerge.
I'm so glad I don't have to settle for 10. I think I would sorely miss numerous others such as David Bowie, Def Leopard, REO Speedwagon, Prince and numerous others.  More great picks appear in my Amazon store.

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