Thursday, May 16, 2013

Walk for your health...

I try to walk regularly on the job, but unfortunately I have some serious doubts whether it contributes to my health.  For starters, there's just getting out of the building.  It might be my paranoia, but I believe those elevators are a cesspool for germs.  I'd like to think all those elevator riders are all healthy, but is that sneeze that the guy next to you just blasted a case of allergies or is it a sinus infection that's headed your way?  So alas, the stairs... nothing like getting the heart going, but whoops, they've closed the stairwell I frequently used... apparently there was an asbestos issue.  So now I'm using the next stairwell; I hope that it has been treated.  I'm sure my employer would look out for my well being.

Ah, made it to the curb.  Speaking of employers, isn't it terrific how many employers are caring for their employees by creating a smoke free work environment?  Why thank you, Albany Medical Center for chasing all of your smokers out to the sidewalk.  I realize that smoking is not good for anyone, but not caring for your employees and sending them off to infest the public isn't particularly appreciated either.  I feel like I'm running a gauntlet as I head up New Scotland.  As you leave the hospital, restaurant and hotel zone and turn left on Holland Avenue, you'd think you'd be about out of the woods in regards to air irritants, but you'd be wrong.  No sooner than you make the turn than you are greeted with a warm blast of deep fryer stink from the Recovery Room Sports Grill.  I am always mystified why there isn't a code to address this issue as the kitchen vent is pointed straight toward the nearby sidewalk.

After passing the Recovery Room Sports Grill, I generally hit a stretch of fresh air... now if I can just make it back to the office without being panhandled and climb those possibly asbestos free stairs I can rest assured that I added to my health today!

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