Sunday, March 17, 2013

Naked Pictures and thanks for the aid, Geneseo

It’s that stressful time again.  Daughter #2 is preparing for college; she’d like to become a doctor and I hope she does.  The disappointment was palpable after receiving the most recent financial aid package from the State University of New York at Geneseo.  Geneseo was the “affordable” pick as it is a state college and as such it is understood that they do not have large private endowments to draw upon.  Regardless, I can’t help but being a bit offended by the verbiage which reflected that she was entitled to “aid” (no kidding, that is the word that is strewn throughout the letter).  This “aid” consisted of a parent loan of about $7500 per semester and student loans of about $4000 per semester and $0.00 in grants or scholarships.  This financial aid letter asked her to sign and indicate whether she would accept this “aid” in whole or in part (or not at all).

First off, I’m a bit put off by calling it “aid”.  Just to make sure I wasn’t completely off base, I used Google to grab a quick definition and the prevailing definition includes the words, “to help, assist or support”.  Oh really?  Speaking as a parent aged a little over 50, I can assure you that taking on debt of $60,000 (4 years) does little to help, assist or support me.  (I will also note that a similar amount was floated for daughter #1 which would make my total indebtedness around $120,000 at age 55… it doesn’t take Suze Orman to deduce that that’s not going to happen).  If it’s a loan, call it a loan; it’s not aid!  Secondly, I am really offended by their solicitation of “acceptance” of the aid from my daughter.  I realize that she is now over 18, but guess what?  I’m over 18, too.  They did not ask me to accept or not accept my part of the "aid".

Before anyone “goes there;” yes, she continues to apply for scholarships… this is one parent who is tired of hearing that there’s scholarships “out there”… they must be “out there” because they aren't “here”.  Both of my daughters have been top 10 academically – not a typo - they are in the top 10 out of several hundred students not merely in the top 10%.  If you have a scholarship for either, please comment, we’re accepting!  On a more serious note, regular readers will note that I have added a "Donation" button to this blog and all funds collected through this vehicle will be used to support the education of my children.

A few days following this joyous news of aid, I was venting with a friend regarding my blog and expressing my frustration and struggle to build readership.  I recall expressing to my friend that you can stick bunny ears on your dog and get it on YouTube and go viral; meanwhile, you can labor for hours trying to conjure up a semi-intelligent post and find only the faithful five (probably all stalkers) have read your post.

During a walk with Mick the Wonder Dog, it struck me… I need less intelligence and more sensationalism.  Midway through the walk, I had my second epiphany – naked – yes, everyone will click for naked – it doesn't matter if you have 10 pounds of flab, people love naked.  I know this may compromise my journalistic integrity, but due to the need to increase traffic and raise funds for my kid's college, I needed to make the gut rendering decision to post naked pictures  <<too late, they're gone>>… who knows maybe someday this blog might even earn a $10 gift certificate to Amazon!