Sunday, June 17, 2012

of Phones and Toilets

I did the deed.  I used my cell phone in an airport restroom while on the toilet.

It wasn't my intention.  I was exhausted after a day of travel, arrived at the destination airport and had an issue with my ground transportation.  I was told by the carrier that they'd call me back in about an hour... so sure enough about 10 minutes later and being well about my business the phone rings and what was I to do?  There was no way I was letting that go to voice mail so that I would need to call them back at their 1-800 customer (dis)service number... and so I answered it and offered up the best of toilet prayers that the stall next to me wouldn't flush until I quickly got the info I needed and off the phone.

And so it was that I did something I thought I'd never find myself doing.  I'm not a "Type A Personality Disorder," who is hard charging and glued to the phone.  In contrast, I had a seldom used Tracfone at the time.

Ok, so I'm not in the league of those swashbuckling manly men who gamely gab on their blue tooth while lined up at the urinal, but since that experience I'm beginning to ask myself, "who is this guy?"  I don't travel as frequently as I used to, but more and more I'm finding myself using the bathroom (among other things) while on the cordless home phone.  I realize this is not as risque as you have more control over the flush and the mute, but it's my version of multi-tasking.

Now after substantial phone-toilet experience, I need to plead with all phone manufactures... please, please, make a prominent mute button that has a nice bright red light when it's on as with the flimsy button on my current phone, it is only a matter of time before I screw up in a big way and express some serious gastric noises while on the phone with a friend... or the boss.

So I ask, Have you done it?

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